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BOOST Idea Coach

Creative training on the job: Try out new conceptual techniques on your current live project – with creative coaching from start to finish.


Got an urgent creative project that’s badly stuck? A course on efficient creative brainstorming would work wonders, but there’s not even time for that.

So combine the two: BOOST Creative Task Force comes to you to train you and your employees in-house. You’ll discover innovative creative techniques that let you find better ideas, faster – for the project you’re currently working on. With concentrated team and creative power, you’ll generate a flood of ideas that you can then transform into a polished creative concept.


BOOST trainers coach how the team can best generate ideas and guide their creative output. They help you rethink and think further still, optimize your ideas and finalize the creative concept.


After a 1-2 day workshop you’ll have everything you need: new, efficient creative and evaluation techniques, plus a flood of excellent ideas for your current project.

Sometimes it all comes together at once!



·       Innovative creative techniques

·       Efficient brainstorming in a team for your specific project

·       Development of a rigorous creative concept

·       Techniques for constructive assessment – independently and in a team

·       Optimisation and finalisation of the creative concept

·       Presentation: done!


Duration: 1-2 days, depending on the content and agreement


Creative Coaches:

Nicole Hoefer-Wirwas / Imke Jungnitsch


Further details on request.

Nicole Hoefer-Wirwas Imke Jungnitsch BOOST
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