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BOOST your Ideas
BOOSTCamp Creative Conception
BOOST Idea Coach
The creative workshop that accelerates brainstorming – with creative techniques that suit you and your team.
The workshop for creative communication and Guiding Idea development.
Creative training on the job: Try out new conceptual techniques on your current live project – with creative coaching from start to finish.
Imke Jungnitsch, BOOST
Nicole Hoefer-Wirwas BOOST
Nina Preuss, BOOST
BOOSTCamps Creative Writing
BOOSTCamp Look
BOOST your Idea-Management
Become an enabler of great ideas – with training that turns you from project manager to creative consultant.
Mit der eigenen Bildsprache die Marke differenzieren: BOOST your Brand: Look & Feel Coach. Grenzen sprengen durch Speedlayouten: BOOST your Layout.
Mach deine Sprache zum virtuos einsetzbaren Tool mit den BOOST Schreibtrainings für Campaign, Webwriting, Storytelling und Corporate Language.
BOOST your Strategy
Develop a springboard for creative efficiency and quality – with strategic tools and creative techniques.
Teambuilding through Creativity
BOOST Brand Lab
The kick-off workshop for brand development.
Creative thinking makes a team stronger and a strong team more innovative. The BOOST team workshop turns "I" into "we" and helps to establish a creative culture in your company.
BOOST Innovation Lab
Change through Creativity
Develop ideas and visions for tomorrow ­– together with your team. With tools and an atmosphere that inspire you to think further.
Accelerate transformation processes – with a team that’s actively involved. BOOST flexibility training for change and innovation.
Nicole Hoefer-Wirwas, Imke Jungnitsch, BOOST
BOOST Creative Direction
BOOST trainers also love developing better ideas faster themselves: book us as creative directors for your project.
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