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Boost Workshop

BOOSTCamp Creative Conception

The workshop for creative communication and Guiding Idea development.


In these multi-channel times, it’s more important than ever that brand communications are based around a strong Guiding Idea. A Guiding Idea that bundles all communications under one roof and communicates distinctly but clearly in each channel.


Finding ideas faster and declining them appropriately for the channel

But how do you turn a central idea into a workable communication concept? Which rules apply to which channel? And what role does implementation play in this?

The workshop content is presented through a balanced mix of theory and practice. We show how the Guiding Idea can be shaped and executed for the various channels one might select: moving image, digital media, outdoor, print.


All participants leave the seminar with checklists and a methodology for everyday life. One that does away with the usual trial-and-error approach and significantly speeds processes up. The workshop can be combined with the brainstorming workshop “BOOST your ideas!.” And upon request, the workshop can also be built around specific briefs.



·       Guiding Idea development

·       Cross-media execution of the Guiding Idea:

·       Print / Out of home

·       Moving image

·       Digital media / social media

·       Text

·       Look and Feel

·       Creative coaching in small teams

·       Constructive evaluation in the team

·       Presentation skills



Duration: 1-2 days, depending on the content and agreement


Creative Coaches:

Nicole Hoefer-Wirwas / Imke Jungnitsch


Further details on request.

Nicole Hoefer-Wirwas Imke Jungnitsch BOOST
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"BOOSTCamp Creative Conception"

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