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Imke Jungnitsch, BOOST Seminare

Creative Writing/Campaign/Webwriting/Storytelling/Corporate Language

BOOST Creative Writing

Turn language into a virtuoso usable tool for all your communications.


You write - for your company's intranet, employee magazine or content site. You text posts on social media, write articles, blogs and stories, or want to do so in future. You write - and want to sharpen your talent, so the right words flow more easily at the right time.


Our creative writing training enables you to write better not just from the gut, but also with the right background knowledge, so you can transform text into hits faster. BOOST writing sessions make you text-fit and text-superior. After the workshop you’ll be able to wield the power of words in everything you write.


Our creative writing training sessions can be adapted to fit your current project or activities. During the in-house workshop, you and your team determine the topics in order to be able to find the right words at any time.



·       Develop content and text ideas

·       Get to know text formats and their

        special features (Website text / blog /

        social media, short copy / long copy)

·       Editorial text training (news, articles,

        glossies, commentary, columns,

        interview technique, captions)

·       Define the right tonality

·       Practice style and formulation

·       Writing headlines,

        designing headline mechanisms

·       Evaluate and optimise texts


Duration: 1-2 days, depending on the content and agreement


Creative Coach: Imke Jungnitsch

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Imke Jungnitsch, BOOST Seminare
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BOOSTCamp Text: Campaign

Text training for campaigns with backbone.


Great text gets to the heart of the idea and makes the campaign idea big. Great text transforms complex information into memorable phrases and gives a brand charisma. Great text provides a campaign umbrella that works in many different channels.


But how do you compose thoughts that get stuck in the minds and hearts of your target group? How do you develop arguments that your customers willingly repeat?

How do you get your audience's brains going with the right words?


Turn text into hits

In the BOOSTCamp Text / Campaign we teach using a mixture of theory and practice. How to say a lot with just a few words. We practice how to write key words, plant an anchor, and communicate an offer in a relevant and entertaining way.


Text training: headlines, tonality, cross-media text

The core of the BOOSTCamp workshop focuses on how to write an impactful headline, campaign line and claim. We also practise how to develop a tonality that gives your brand a unique personality. The use of text is taught across various channels: film, social media, out of home and radio. After the workshop, you’ll be able to write words that have real impact - under the kind of time pressure common in the communications industry.



·       Text ideas and concepts
·       Central idea and campaign line

·       Door opener: headlines

·       Brand DNA: the claim

·       Text charisma: the language of the brand

·       Text anchors and key wordings

·       Tonality and style training

·       Cross-media campaign text (in selected channels)


Duration: 1-2 days, depending on the content and agreement

Creative Coach: Imke Jungnitsch

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BOOSTCamp Text: Web writing

Immediate comprehension, long term captivation: BOOST Text Turbo for the web.


Tempo text and story text

In a time when we no longer have time, language is becoming more and more impatient. Text that’s comprehensible, that fascinates us at first glance and encourages us to click is essential. But in order to captivate the user long term, skillful formulation and exciting content are also required. Effective web text is an all-rounder!


Text signpost: key words

Which search term does the user enter? Which keyword brings search and information together? How do I write so my content appears as high as possible on the search list? Your language defines how your content is found on the net.


Text worlds: content

Text on the net is not only an information architect, but also a storyteller, detail mediator and entertainer. How do I write long text that lets the user get deeper, stays for as long as possible, and return? The workshop covers the many joys and forms of web text and can be combined with a real task. The course content can also be taught to individuals.



·       Perception and reading behaviour on the web

·       Develop key words

·       Write web headlines

·       Write a teaser

·       Create content

·       Text forms on the web (websites, blogs, articles, moving images, social media)

·       Formulation training

·       Text coaching

·       Text check


Duration: 1-2 days, depending on the content and agreement

Creative Coach: Imke Jungnitsch

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BOOSTcamp Text: Storytelling

Write stories that become ambassadors for brands and employees, with real emotions.


Bring your brand to life


How do you write stories that the reader cannot escape, even though they communicate on behalf of a brand? Storytelling is text that touches and informs people about what you have to offer. Storytelling makes your message clear and entertaining and anchors it in the mind of the target group. Effective storytelling manages to build a world around the brand in which customers ultimately want to experience something for themselves.

Stories ignite interest faster, not only with external communications, but also internally: the fastest way to convey why it’s worth working in a company is an employee story. Stories that are lively and emotional are easier to remember. They increase brand authenticity and value, helping retain customers in the long term.


Turn your brand into a legend


In the workshop we apply the film industry’s blueprint for good stories to our brand messages: megaplots, tension arcs, dramaturgy and characters. We draw dramaturgical arcs and drive the story to a happy ending for the brand. We develop content and text ideas and mould them into appropriate formats. We define the tonality and style of the text. Learn how to tell the magic of your brand with a story.



·       Finding a story: with creative techniques

·       Develop a story: with plot, dramaturgy and characters

·       Formulate the story: to match the tone, format and channel

·       From story to brand legend with the tools of film and fiction

Duration: 1-2 days

Creative Coach: Imke Jungnitsch

Imke Jungnitsch, BOOST Seminare

BOOSTcamp Text: Corporate language coaching

Make your brand a personality and create a verbal home for your target audience.


When a brand opens its mouth, you know who’s talking. A clearly defined brand language is just as important for recognition as a clearly defined look.


Language creates personality and personality creates language

This also applies to the brand. In the workshop we teach how you  make your brand speak with a strong voice and how its linguistic personality can be expressed clearly across various media.


We show how you collect the facets of your brand and translate them into words. We define its verbal boundaries and incorporate its linguistic heritage.

We develop language personas that speak for themselves.

Together we build a language world for your brand, and then we summarise this in a Brand Dictionary at the end of the workshop.



·       The personality of your brand

·       Your brand language persona

·       Choice of words and key words

·       Text style and structure

·       Headline mechanisms

·       Content ideas and text formats

·       The language of the brand in various channels

·       Brand Dictionary with do's and don'ts


Creative Coach:

Imke Jungnitsch


Duration: 1-2 days, depending on the content and agreement


Further details on request.

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