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Teambuilding Workshop Boost Impression

Teambuilding through Creativity

Creative thinking makes a team stronger and a strong team more innovative. The BOOST team workshop turns "I" into "we" and helps to establish a creative culture in your company.


The power of the team - are you already using it?

Our society is on the way to a “we culture.” The community within the community is booming. But what about in your company? In many companies, everyday work is determined by opposition rather than togetherness.

Teambuilding through Creativity develops your “we-culture” with group-dynamic creative training. Creative thinking is not only a super skill for an innovation, it also  helps strengthen your team. How?


The search for ideas brings us closer

Anyone who develops ideas with other people has to open up, reveal their stories and thoughts and communicate on an equal footing. The search for ideas welds us together! This not only makes the team more fun, but also the work: those that actively participate in group-dynamic creative processes are proven to be happier and more satisfied in their work.


"I" becomes "we"

Our workshop covers team spirit with creativity, examines where there are synergies, who has which roles, and at which points cooperation can be optimised. We also convey how constructive evaluation and appreciative communication can further strengthen the team. The team works together to develop new work processes that work well for everyone involved. We instil a structured discussion culture that encourages, results, not arguments. A wealth of new ideas are generated for the team, the company and its communications.

The end result: a creative team culture with a working atmosphere that generates happiness and optimises innovative output. Something with lasting value: a well-functioning team always arrives at better solutions than an individual!



·       Team creativity - warm up

·       Team roles

·       Group dynamics

·       Creative techniques for large and small teams

·       Trying out creative techniques

·       Developing new solutions in teams

·       Creative coaching in small groups

·       Appreciative communication in the team

·       Constructive evaluation in the team

·       Redefining team processes

·       Conclusion: the "team contract"

Duration: 1-2 days, depending on the content and agreement


Creative Coaches:

Nicole Hoefer-Wirwas / Imke Jungnitsch


Further details on request

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"Teambuilding through Creativity"

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