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BOOST Innovation Lab

Develop ideas and visions for tomorrow ­– together with your team

With tools and an atmosphere that inspire you to think further.


What happens tomorrow? Whatever you’re designing today. Get the creative forces in your company together, so they can spend a day having visions for your business and asking questions for tomorrow.


Your company has enormous creative potential. All ideas are already there - your employees bring them along with them. They just need unlocking.


In our one-day BOOST Innovation Lab we bring these ideas out and let them flourish.

With group dynamic training and ideation techniques fresh from the creative industry and Design Thinking, we inspire visionary, lateral thinking. We look inward and forward, free ourselves from factual prisons and release our thinking into new territories. We think ahead and dream anew in a special atmosphere. An energy BOOSTER for your creativity.


At the end of the workshop there’s a new beginning: idea exploration and implementation, and thinking far ahead.



·       Vision and inspiration

·       Innovative creative techniques

·       Ideation training

·       Flexible thinking

·       Creativity as philosophy

·       New ways of working

·       Team dynamics


Duration: 1-2 days, depending on the content and agreement


Creative Coaches:

Nicole Hoefer-Wirwas / Imke Jungnitsch


Further details on request.

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"BOOST Innovation Lab"

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