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BOOST your Strategy

Develop a springboard for creative efficiency and quality – with strategic tools and creative techniques.


All great creation starts with the right strategy

It’s the common thread that underpins great ideas. Strategy provides the springboard for creation and thus enables the basis for brilliant work. Strategic planning hones in on the best insight for the target group, derived from the large amount of brand and consumer data.

With creative thinking and keen intuition, strategists condense the insight into a succinct phrase that lets creative minds flow and ensures ideas head in the right direction.


Drill deeper to find the core message with a more profound effect

The strategist asks precise questions and answers accurately and creatively, with the true needs of the consumer in mind. The strategist is the advocate of the consumer and the sat nav for creation.

During the workshop, we teach how to develop a targeted creative strategy from an example set of data. We teach to open our minds with creative techniques and innovative strategy tools, activate empathic thinking, find new insights and condense content into an innovative core message. We then check the creative strategy works, by developing ideas based on it.

During the workshop, participants put together their own “BOOST kit” for developing their next creative strategy.




  • Strategy and research tools

  • Empathic and intuitive thinking

  • Identifying a relevant insight

  • Condensing the insight

  • Formulating a creative springboard

  • Writing a creative brief

  • Developing ideas from the creative brief

  • Adding creative strategy to brainstorming sessions


Duration: 1-2 days, depending on the content and agreement

Creative Coaches:

Nicole Hoefer-Wirwas / Imke Jungnitsch


Further details on request

Nicole Hoefer-Wirwas Imke Jungnitsch BOOST
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