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Imke Jungnitsch, BOOST Seminare

Imke Jungnitsch




Creative Strategy

Team Creativity


+49 173 94 00 608

Imke Jungnitsch, founder and creative coach at BOOST as well as systemic coach for professionals and teams.

As a coach, Imke supports teams in their development, and she encourages professionals to find their individual career path. Imke is a member of the DBVC, the German Business Coaching Association.

At BOOST, Imke leads the workshops for creative writing and ideation. She also teaches creative strategy together with Nicole Hoefer-Wirwas. 

After studying social and business communication at the Berlin University of the Arts, Imke worked as a copywriter, creative and creative director at ad agencies such as Jung von Matt, Springer & Jacoby, AP Lintas Hamburg / New York and spring Brand Ideas. She returned to the Berlin University of the Arts as a lecturer. In addition to her seminars, Imke works as a freelance creative director and a corporage language designer.

Imke also gives text and strategy seminars for the Art Directors Club Germany and works as a lecturer in creativity at the AD School Zurich.

Imke completed her education as a systemic coach at the artop Institut, Humboldt University Berlin.

Imke Jungnitsch, BOOST Seminare
Nicole Hoefer-Wirwas, Imke Jungnitsch, BOOST Seminare

BOOST Creative Coaches:

Imke Jungnitsch and Nicole Hoefer-Wirwas


Nicole and Imke learnt their craft at the best communication agencies in Germany, before setting up their own business as freelance creative directors and creative trainers.

The challenges of the fast-paced creative industry inspired them to develop a modular system of creative and strategic tools that enable better ideas faster.

During BOOST seminars and workshops, they galvanise the innovative output of individuals and teams, by teaching creative techniques and team building.

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